Monday, August 31, 2015

The I's are dotted; the T's are crossed, and the asses are covered

Based on the recently settled settlement;  APS Supt. Valentino resigns voluntarily and takes with him, about five months salary.  When the dust settles, taxpayers are going to be out a few hundred thousand dollars overall.

Or, since those tax dollars came from the operational fund,
students and classrooms will be out a few hundred thousand dollars.

The politicians and pubic servants who have here
squandered those few hundred thousands dollars, and
who have squandered as well, whatever trust that
stake and interest holders still might have had left in
the "leadership" of the leadership of the APS have done nothing wrong.

Art Melendres of APS/Modrall
Fortunately for all of them,
they were able to find lawyers
who are willing and able to write
the language they all need
to absolve themselves "legally"
of their guilt.

Fortunately for all of them,
there are always enough operational left to pay lawyers to help them write things like this;
12.  Nothing in this Agreement or in its execution admits wrongdoing of any kind by either party. 
Then, if you can stand it,  they all affirm at once; as if it were necessary and not already abundantly obvious;
This is a voluntary agreement, mutually entered
for the benefit of the District and Valentino.

photo Mark Bralley

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