Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Journal editors grow a pair - figuratively of course

In an editorial this morning, link, the Journal begins in earnest to create some distance between them and the stinking mess in the APS.

I have written in the past that in investigation and coverage of the ethics, standards and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS, the Journal's Editor in Chief Kent Walz is betwixt a rock and hard place.

He cannot now report credibly on the crisis without first reporting credibly on his failure to report credibly on the crisis heretofore.

He is doing what powerful people can do in situations like this; pretend there are no rocks.

Journal coverage will continue under the appearance and illusion of credibility.

photo Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

Let's revisit the hiring of Don Duran's daughter by Valentino for a high cabinet post immediately after Don Duran voted in Valentino's favor. APS may claim that she had initially been employed by APS and because of that she was exempt from APS Board Nepotism policy (GB-4). However, she was not an APS employee before Valentino gave her a high-paying job. As such, she should have been considered a new hire and subject to both APS Board Nepotism policy and background check. Did she complete a background check before Valentino hired her? A friend of mine who was a long time APS employee left the district two years ago. When he returned to APS this year he was told he was considered a new hire and had to get a background check before he could step foot in the classroom. So, did Gabriella Duran complete her background check before she started working again for APS? If she did not complete the background check, why is her APS employment processing different from other ex-APS employees returning to APS? If she did complete it, that means she was a new hire and subject to APS Board Nepotism policy. Art Melendres did not do his homework on this angle.