Friday, August 14, 2015

APS CFO was making waves; he had to go

The New Mexico Political Report comes with this.

APS Chief Financial Officer Don Moya was rocking the boat when he was pushed over board.  He was openly critical of a procurement process he thought looked suspect.

I won't tell their story; link, but my take from the emails published on the Political Report; it appears as though Moya was doing exactly what he should have been doing, when APS Supt. Luis Valentino decided it was time to fire him, and went looking for allies in that endeavor, in the person of the NM Secretary of Public Education.

APS' history of accountability around the spending of millions and millions of dollars on technology borders criminal. An independent auditor, Meyners & Co, found senior APS administrators were spending $50K at a whack "without involving purchasing".

The  auditors found the trifecta of public corruption, embezzlement and fraud in the spending on technology and renovations.  They found;
  1. inadequate standards, and
  2. inadequate accountability to such standards as they had, and
  3. inadequate record keeping.
Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars were squandered and APS cannot produce a candid, forthright and honest accounting of spending at 6400 Uptown Blvd.

The Journal has dug as deep as they intend; they have and will publish Monica Armenta's press releases.
Update; the Journal comes with more coverage and my added questions. link.

It appears the NM Political Report is taking a different tack.  Kudos to them and to reporter Joey Peters.  Welcome to the fray.

photo Mark Bralley
Bralley's investigation and report. link 

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