Saturday, August 15, 2015

Will Kathy Korte so testify?

Former APS school board member Kathy Korte has been sharing some interesting information in comments she is leaving on various stories about the brouhaha at APS involving the new superintendent, and one of his new hires, and efforts to violate the procurement code.

Korte comes right out and says; that while she was on the school board, there were shenanigans at the top of the APS administration and the board.  And that a few board members with the most power were behaving unethically.  And that the board made decisions in rolling quorums.  And that they violated the Open Meetings Act.

She totally understands, she says, why people have no faith ...

Executive Director of Communications
and Public Information Officer
Monica Armenta
She continues; there are board members who won't raise hell ...;

and a Public Information Officer who smiles and says all is good.

And that, really good admins have "NO VOICE" out of fear of retaliation.  Korte says APS CFO Don Moya was fired in retaliation for exposing an impending swindle.

A recent audit of the leadership of the APS found "a culture of fear of retaliation" against whistleblowers and other complainants.

Korte believes that when Supt. Valentino hired APS' liaison to the company who "found" him; it created an appearance of impropriety; like maybe they made a deal; she would do what she could to grease his rails, and he would give her a cushy job.

Not saying that's what happened
... just reading between the lines.

Korte says Luis Valentino hired a guy who was once fired for taking bribes, and then was going to allow him to award contracts in violation of the procurement code and proper fiscal protocols.

Korte finds it all, discouraging.

I find it discouraging, that not one of; the Journal,
KRQE, KOAT or KOB will investigate and report on
what Kathy Korte is describing;
school board conduct in deliberate violation of the law.

I find it discouraging that the Journal, KRQE, KOAT and KOB are ignoring Korte.

They will not interview a former school board member who describes being a witness of, and party to, deliberate violations of the law by entire body of government.

They are ignoring her in my opinion, because the guy who was at the helm when all this was going on, the guy who should have known better than to do what it is she says they have done, was none other than former school board president and KRQE's long time lawyer, Marty Esquivel.

The people who run the major media are willing I believe, to help him cover his ass no matter what.  They still won't tell stake and interest holders that Esquivel has spent nearly $750K on a non-viable defense in federal court, of his ego.

And that he will spend $250K more if he isn't stopped.

If there is another explanation for the Journal's, KRQE's, KOAT's or KOB TV's apparent complacency over, or complicity in, the cover up of the ethics, standards and accountability crisis in the senior-most leadership of the APS, I cannot imagine it, and
they have yet to articulate it.

photos Mark Bralley

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