Monday, January 03, 2011

4 days and a wake up til voting begins in the school board election

The Journal is certainly placed to contribute effectively to voter education in anticipation of the School Board Election. There is no good and ethical reason that the Journal not begin investigating and reporting upon issues in the election.

So why has it not?

With 4 days to go, the Journal has not even contacted candidates with a list of basic questions to answer and then have published for voter perusal.

It is fair to wonder what the Journal's intentions are. Are they going to cover the election at all, or will their coverage be limited to the day after election whining of editors over the failure of voters to even show up?

There is a direct correlation between Journal coverage and voter turnout. Surely Journal editors know that. So why no coverage?

A simple answer is that coverage will not work to the advantage of the Journal's favorite candidate Marty Esquivel. If the Journal offered the coverage it should, on the denial of due process to APS whistle blower complaints, the corruption and cover up in the APS Police Department, and/or the abdication of Marty Esquivel as a role model of the student standards of conduct, Esquivel's public support would drop like a rock.

In the absence of Journal coverage, voters have only the spin from APS' million dollar Communications Department, and it's all good for Esquivel.

There seems to be a split in the evaluation of the Journal; some see it as a right wing rag, others as left wing; the result of reading between the lines. But if there are no lines to read between, how is that not simple abject failure of a newspaper of record to live up to the trust that has been placed in it by its readers.

No matter how you slice it, the Journal's failure to cover the school board election in support of voters, is journalistic nonfeasance on its face.

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