Thursday, January 06, 2011

APS Billboards an attractive nuisance?

The leadership of the APS has decided to allow massive electronic billboards on APS property. The justification is the $40K a year the signs will generate.

The $40K will go the APS Foundation. If past practice predicts future performance, at least some of the money will be used to underwrite an administrative soiree at the Inn of the Mountain Gods.

How many rear end collisions will there be, while drivers move their attention from the car in front of them, to what amounts to a distraction by deliberate design.

To how many of those hapless drivers, will it occur that
they can sue taxpayers, by way of the APS?
Especially if they can claim that, at the time, they were
watching the one in eight ads, the APS gets to put up.

Does the agreement with the APS Foundation protect taxpayers from liability?

I cut right to the chase, I asked the Magic Eight Ball;

Will this end up costing taxpayers much more
than the $40K a year it will "generate"?
(shake, shake, shake)
"... signs point to yes

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