Friday, January 14, 2011

Public education administration is a science, for certain

It isn't however, a "rocket" science.

It is within reason to expect that a public school administration be nearly flawless in terms of administrative (as opposed to educational) effectiveness and efficiency.

If there is evidence of administrative ineffectiveness and inefficiency like, frozen water pipes, scheduling snafus and educational ineffectiveness, an investigation is warranted.

We need to hire investigators who are expert in education administration and have them audit APS' administrative efficiency and effectiveness. Pay them to tell us the truth about the administration of our trust and treasure by the leadership of the APS.

There will be push back on any audit.

There problem is, you really cannot expose corruption and incompetence without exposing the corrupt and the incompetent. And they don't want to be exposed.

It wasn't that long ago,
School Board Member
Paula Maes admitted,
she would "... never agree
to any audit that would
individually identify ..."
corrupt and incompetent
administrators or board

If you want an independent audit to be undertaken,
you're going to have to be willing to fight with Maes,
and the rest of the leadership of the APS,
to get one.

I will carry your flag.

Vote for Charles MacQuigg
APS School Board, District Four

photo Mark Bralley

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