Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Esquivel and "accountability"

There is a document entitled School Board Member Code of Ethics.

Someone ask School Board President Candidate Marty Esquivel;

If someone believed and had evidence that he,
Marty Esquivel, had violated that code of conduct,
by what avenue, would they file their complaint?

He will have to answer as he has answered before;
there is no actual accountability.

I would ask him the question again at the candidate forum
except that he intends to have me arrested.

It's nine days and a wake up
until voting begins.

And still not a word of truth from the Journal
or from any of School Board Member Paula Maes'
NM Broadcasters Association cohorts,

about the ethics and accountability scandal
in the leadership of the APS.


Anonymous said...

Re the NM Broadcasters Association: their chair-elect is Mary Lynn Roper who is also the president/general manager of KOAT Ch.7. There is no way that she will portray her buddy Paula Maes in any negative light. I wonder if Ch.7 will broadcast anything on the upcoming federal lawsuit filed against Maes and the No.1 APS bully brooks? I won't hold my breath, but eventually their evils will be exposed with or without Ch.7.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Art Melendres from Modrall Law firm, the chief legal counsel for APS who is also one of the New Mexico Broadcasters Association's special directors. So, Paula Maes is the President/CEO of the Association while the chief APS lawyer is its special director. Here is the link to the above facts:

Anonymous said...

And Marty Esquivel is allegedly selling his properties to APS, making a load of $$ off of kids.
Also, I believe Marty is the chief attorney for KRQE. There's got to be a sweet "let's watch each other's backs" in there somewhere.
Is there no such thing as "monopoly" or "conflict of interest" in New Mexico?????