Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All of us, are smarter than the Board.

The APS School Board is going to enlarge Superintendent Winston Brooks golden parachute. They are going to do it before the newly elected Board Members can carry the people's opinion to the table.

The board argues;

the people are not smart enough, nor well informed
enough to have a worthy opinion on the subject.
School Board President Marty Esquivel said in his Journal, link;
"Board evaluations by folks coming off of an election, without a track record or knowledge of the expectations, just lends itself to politics and supervision by hearsay."
(emphasis added)
Who is more responsible than the President of the School Board for the failure to ensure that interest holders have the knowledge they need to participate meaningfully in decision making that affects their interests?

Who is more responsible than Esquivel for hiding the
Caswell Report on administrative corruption in the APS,
from public knowledge?

Well possibly Kent Walz and
the Journal with their ongoing
efforts to cover up the ethics and
accountability scandal in the
leadership of the APS.

frame grab Mark Bralley

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