Saturday, January 29, 2011

If it is true, we get the government we deserve

then by extension, we get the school system we deserve.

The point of the exercise is, if we each do nothing to
change and improve our government (our school system)
we will get bad government and we will deserve it.

The problem in education is, the people who pay for bad
school systems are students, not the adult voters who did
and do nothing to hold school systems and public servants
accountable for the failures.

Marty Esquivel does not deserve to win this election.
Despite contrary claims in his campaign literature, he
really has not "insisted on administrative accountability".

The truth is that, by law, he has nothing to say about
administrative accountability at all, beyond holding one
administrator, the superintendent, accountable during
an annual evaluation.

If administrators were actually accountable, wouldn't
Esquivel be able to point to the standards and accountability
that together comprise "administrative accountability"?

Even the most cursory examination of administrative
standards of conduct and competence, will reveal that
APS' standards are inadequate. Independent auditors have
written over and over again, about the inadequacy of APS
administrative standards and accountability.

Any impartial examination will reveal no real accountability
at all. APS has a whistle blower program for employees to
report corrupt and incompetent administrators anonymously.
Every one of their complaints has been promised "review and
approval" by the Board of Education; a final step in their due

Marty Esquivel and the board have yet to "review and approve"
the handling of even one complaint. He and they have reneged
on a solemn commitment to the community. Due process is
being denied to hundreds of complaints that have been lodged
against administrators and board members. What kind of
"administrative accountability" allows due process rights
to be ignored?

Esquivel cannot summon the character and the courage to
refute, rebut, defend, deny or even acknowledge his and their,
breach of School Board Policy. The establishment media
cannot summon the character and the courage to report
the truth to stakeholders.

Right now, APS Supt Winston Brooks is hiding evidence
of felony criminal misconduct by senior APS administrators
from the District Attorney. Apparently, he and the leadership
of the APS have decided that the felony criminal misconduct
that senior administrators admitted, does not warrant prosecution.

Fine, except it's not their call. It is the prerogative of the
District Attorney to decide whether felony prosecution of
APS senior administrators is warranted or not;
not Winston Brooks and not Marty Esquivel.

Brooks could not be hiding the evidence of felony criminal
misconduct without the aid and abet of Marty Esquivel.
Esquivel is as guilty in the cover up as Brooks.

And because the people are unwilling to stand up and
fight back, Brooks and Esquivel will succeed;
APS senior administrators will escape criminal prosecution
and the APS will be spared the ensuing embarrassment.

Those who pay the price ultimately, for an administration
that is more concerned with covering asses than in holding
themselves accountable to meaningful standards of conduct
and competence, are students, most of whom are too young
to vote.

Are students getting the government they deserve?
Or are they getting the government their parents "deserve"?

This school board election will be decided by people who
can't be bothered to vote.

One cannot paint this picture without pointing to the
Albuquerque Journal, editors Kent Walz, Ellen Marks,
D'Val Westphal, KOAT TV'd news director Sue Stephens,
and the other NM Broadcasters Assoc affiliates who are
complicit in the effort to conceal felony criminal misconduct
in the leadership of the APS, from voter stakeholders.

If these allegations are untrue, why is it that no one can
offer a good and ethical explanation for the fact that evidence
of felony criminal misconduct has been sitting on
Winston Brooks' desk for years, and has not been surrendered
to the District Attorney? even after four years and after statutes
of limitation have expired?

Except that he, Marty Esquivel and Kent Walz are conspiring
to cover up felony criminal misconduct in the leadership of
the APS, even during an election?

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