Sunday, January 23, 2011

KOAT gives Esquivel campaign a boost

KOAT ran a story on the apparent theft of a number of
Marty Esquivel's campaign yard signs, link.

One of the results is that Esquivel will get more votes as a
result of the "news" coverage; perhaps as many as if he
had run a paid campaign commercial.

My complaint is this; at least as important and newsworthy as the theft of his yard signs, is the fact that there are credible allegations that Esquivel is;

  • helping cover up evidence felony criminal misconduct involving APS senior administrators,
  • actively denying due process to hundreds of legitimate complaints made against administrators and board members,
  • hiding from his obligations as the senior most role model in the entire APS, of the APS Student Standards of Conduct; the Pillars of Character Counts!, and that
  • is personally responsible for an illegal restraining order that denies me the free exercise of my constitutionally protected human rights to free speech and to petition my government.
KOAT news director Sue Stephens knows of the allegations,
must know they are credible (if she has shown any diligence
at all), and chooses to air instead; a "news" story that points
to not one of the problems and instead offered him free
exposure to increase his name recognition and the likelihood
that he will win re-election.

I was interviewed on camera by a KOAT reporter and I
exposed the corruption that is denying due process to every complaint that has been filed under APS' whistle blower protection program.

Sue Stephens, KOAT's news director, knows the truth;
she is hiding it to protect Esquivel from the consequences
of his personal corruption. In so doing, she is betraying
every one of those whistle blowers and the trust of this


Anonymous said...

Are we being called upon to accept as fact that 75 signs were were actually stolen because Esquivel said so? Not "allegedly" stolen mind you - STOLEN!!!!! r.

ched macquigg said...

I will concede that they were stolen; I really can't imagine Esquivel or one of his, creeping around in the middle of the night stealing signs.

Although, the fact that scenario occurs to us, points to the lack of trust the community has in their board members.

Anonymous said...

Marty Esquivel's standards of conduct; anything the law allows, would permit him to stage a theft of yard signs as a publicity stunt, as long as he didn't file a false police report.

So why didn't he file a police report over the theft of $750 worth of his property?

ched macquigg said...

good point, and a fair question.

Anonymous said...

It was also in the journal. Esquivel stating he didn't want to bother police. He probably had his kids steal them so he could get the free press. What a jerk.

ched macquigg said...

My disrespect for Esquivel's lack of character and courage does not extend to his offspring, whom I have not met. I am not comfortable accusing Esquivel's children without proof.