Thursday, January 06, 2011

Some people call me a nut, some people don't

"Scottishman" has left a comment on my post about the
leadership of the Teachers Federation endorsing Marty Esquivel, link.

Our hero wrote;

"You do not have to worry about all this. You will never be elected. Even uneducated people know when somebody is a nut. You my friend, are a nut."
I concede both; there are uneducated people who think I'm a nut, and Scottishman speaks for them.

All of my conduct which people think is "nuts", is matter of a comprehensive electronic public record. I would suggest that you cannot find any "nutty" thing I have done. Being resolute is not nuts. Fighting for what you believe in, is not nuts.

It would be happy to sit and listen to those tapes and defend my conduct. I haven't done anything I would not have done in front of my students, and would not do again, in front of them.

I would invite Scottishman to ask Rigo Chavez to produce all the public records of me being a nut. Review the tape, and get back to me.

This is about the message, not about the messenger,
it is too late to stop him from speaking the truth.

The message has been read; transparent accountability to meaningful standards of conduct and competence, transparency limited only by the law, due process for any legitimate complaint, and a seat for stakeholders at the table where decisions are made.

Those who would not have that, people like Marty Esquivel,
need to discredit the messenger, because they can't discredit
the allegations; he can't even talk about them.

Ask him to point to his position on executive and administrative role modeling of the APS student standards of conduct; the Pillars of Character Counts!; a nationally recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct.

People who speak truth to power are subject to typecasting;
which of them has not been called a "disgruntled former employee" or "a nut".

Marty Esquivel has told me that he thinks I'm a nut job;
me and the lady from Wichita who thought someone
should be paying attention to allegations that
Winston Brooks is a bully.

What ever happened, by the way, to those allegations?

Have they been given due process? How were they adjudicated, and by whom? Will the "investigation" continue until after statutes of limitation have expired like the investigation of the corruption in the APS Police Department?

If people can be made to believe they are listening to the truth from a nut, they will conclude that the truth is nuts as well.

Concede if you must; that I am a nut, but fight as hard
as you can, the impulse to believe that government that
is honestly accountable to the people, is nuts,
simply because I am the only one talking about it.

Which of those who aren't "nuts", are willing to raise their
right hand, look you in the eye, and promise to tell you
the truth?

Maybe someone nutty enough to make that pledge
is just what APS needs.


Anonymous said...

I have 10 years teaching experience.
I hold a Master's degree in Education.
I have met you face to face.
You are definitely not a "Nutt"

ched macquigg said...

thank you for your kind attention and support.

Onward, through the breech!