Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Esquivel caught in bald faced lie

Jon Knudsen, aka "Johnny Mango" is a featured writer on Duke City Fix, link. He wrote a post yesterday, link, on the APS School Board Race based on his interviews with all four candidates in APS District 4.

During our interview, I told him that I was currently banned from board meetings by School Board President Marty Esquivel. The illegal restraining order was written by Esquivel on September 1st, 2010. The illegal order is enforced by the APS Police Department, a publicly funded private police force that reports directly to, and only to, the leadership of the APS.

Knudsen apparently asked Esquivel about banning me from school board meetings. He wrote;

MacQuigg stated that Board member Esquivel had
him banned from board meetings--an allegation that
Martin Esquivel denies.
Esquivel can deny all he wants, the evidence says otherwise;

In the letter, Esquivel and the APS Chief of Police write;
"... we are revoking your privilege to attend meetings of the Board of Education."
Tellez made it clear to me, I will be arrested, again, if I try to attend a board meeting.

In this photograph, I am holding the letter which had just been handed to me by APS Police Chief Tellez. Those officers are there to arrest me if I take another step toward the board meeting, a meeting at which I have a constitutionally protected human right to speak freely and to petition my government.

APS is still to respond to a Public Records request compelling them to surrender any evidence at all that I have ever done anything during a board meeting that warranted the revocation of "permission" to attend board meetings. They cannot surrender proof of my misconduct because I have never done anything that was illegal or even unethical. I stand proudly on my record, a record which Esquivel et al, are hiding from the public knowledge.

There is a reason why Marty Esquivel will not look voters in
the eye and promise to tell them the truth about their interests
and about his public service.

It is because he has no such intention.

I do.

Vote Tuesday February 1st.

Vote for a change in the way APS does business.

photo Mark Bralley

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