Thursday, January 27, 2011

Should Thaddeus Lucero be terminated?

Was it his job to prevent the public corruption and incompetence beneath him in the chain of command?

If he could have and should have, been able to prevent it,
and he did not, he did not because he is personally corrupt
and/or incompetent.

It's time for a new county manager.

That was his job; to protect our power and resources from abuse.

If buck doesn't stop on Thaddeus Lucero's desk,
then on who's? The County Commission? for their failure to prevent the abuse of public power and resources.

The first legitimate use of power is to protect the power from abuse, by anyone, ever.

We trusted "the government" to make sure that our power and resources could not be used against our interests. Who is the highest ranking politician or public servant who either could not, or would not, prevent the abuse of our power and resources?

Corruption and incompetence are tolerated in so much as it is only the ones who are careless or stupid enough to get caught, who's heads roll.

The people we trusted to keep it from happening ever,
the ones who can't seem to put casino security on our
power and resources, well,
their names seem never to come up.

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