Monday, September 25, 2006

Trust; a poor substitute for honest accountability.

One system that guarantees accountability is worth a hundred assurances that such a system is unnecessary. “…because you can trust us.”

Public service offers no guarantee that in the conduct of that service, public servants will be accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct.

The responsibility for this situation falls squarely upon the shoulders of public servants. It is they who have failed to safeguard the power entrusted to them. It is they who have created and maintain a system that enables incompetence and corruption to not only survive, but thrive.

It is the responsibility of public servants to provide for the protection of the power of the people. It was they who should have created a system that by its fundamental nature illuminates corruption and incompetence; and thereby, eliminates them.

It is ironic that in order to safeguard our power, we are compelled to give it away to individuals who have not, are not, and will not use that power to protect us from its abuse.

Perhaps our best hope to change the system is to fight back. The only other hope would be that public servants will do something that they are not now doing and that they have never done before.

The Leaders of the APS, eight pubic servants and their lawyers, refuse to accept accountability for their conduct. Their position is absolutely indefensible. Their only option is to suppress the truth.

Accountability is fatal to the abuse of power. There is only one reason to oppose accountability and that is to avoid accountability.

They can be stopped; but only by a large crowd at the next board meeting, and the next, and the next. One night, the crowd will be too large to ignore and the Leadership of the APS will find itself honestly accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct in their public service, both as role models and as the stewards of public funds.

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