Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Trib spins the APS Ethics Scandal

Consider the eight ounce glass holding four ounces of water. The pessimist’s spin is that the glass is half empty. The optimist’s spin is that the glass is half full. Both spins are fundamentally true statements from a different perspective. And that is what legitimate spin is; a different perspective but fundamentally true.

Consider now the Tribune editors’ “spin” on APS and the Bond Issue Election.

The truth is that a small percentage of voters split 57/43 in favor of the bond. The truth is that before the election a concerted effort was made to separate the bond issue from an endorsement of APS. The truth is that a lot of voters held their noses while they voted for buildings for children. A lot of voters wanted to vote no, and did vote no, because the Leadership of APS no longer enjoys public support. This lack of confidence was precisely the reason the previous bond issue failed.

The editors’ spin; “…voters just gave the district a pretty strong vote of confidence…” “APS voters delivered a decisive mandate…”

Editorial is short for editorial opinion. It allows spin. It does not allow deliberate deception. The Tribune has refused to report the APS Ethics Scandal through two elections now. They will likely suppress the truth through another election early next year. This is not spin. This is a betrayal of public trust.

The Tribune editors deserve one big boo for their unswerving assistance to the Leadership of the APS in their effort to conceal corruption, incompetence, and ethical misconduct.

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