Sunday, September 17, 2006

Everitt alone is reason enough…

Phill Casaus, Albuquerque Tribune Editor, writes, “Everitt alone is reason enough to vote for the $351 million bond issue…” He is a voter, and that is his absolute prerogative.

Other voters might feel differently. And they are every bit as entitled to allow their decision to depend on that single aspect; or upon other aspects of the issue.

In his commentary, Casaus can mention or not, any aspect of the issue that moves him. On every other page of the paper, he has an obligation to mention every aspect of the issue. Voters rely upon the media in order to cast informed ballots. They trust the media for an impartial and unbiased presentation of the truth.

The media like everyone else telling half the truth; is being entirely deceptive.

There are voters who are legitimately concerned that money appropriated to APS will be wasted. The fact that the board and superintendent steadfastly refuse to be held honestly accountable to a code of ethics, speaks to the concern that the money will not be spent ethically. It is an “issue” in this election.

The APS Axis of the Board, Administration, and Modrall, has decided that voters will not contemplate issues of corruption and incompetence in their consideration of the bond issue. The decision is entirely consistent with their need to suppress the truth.

Inconsistent, is the media’s decision to support that decision. It is inconsistent with their obligation to inform voters fully and fairly.

This ball needs to be kicked on to the field before the election. Voters have a right to know.

This is a case on point for the need for ethical reform in public service.

What is ethical reform if it is not accountability to the truth? Suppressing the truth is not illegal; but it is unethical.

When and where will ethical reform begin, if not here and now?

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