Friday, September 15, 2006

It is three days before the vote on the school bond issue.

In theory, the bond vote represents the expressed will of an informed community. In theory, voters will have discussed and debated all of the essential issues; and then based on their understanding of the truth; they will express their will at the polls.

In practice, voters are really not that well informed; they don’t know the whole truth. If that situation exists because the voter is lethargic; it is acceptable (on some level). If the situation exists because of a deliberate and methodical effort to dis-inform voters; it is not acceptable. It is perverse.

Because of a deliberate and methodical effort to suppress the truth; voters will not know the whole truth about the would be stewards of 351M dollars. That is unacceptable. The issue is germane to the approval of a bond issue. We cannot represent a belief and faith in democracy, and at once support its perversion.

The test is simple. Imagine the policy or philosophy, that allows this issue to be deliberately and methodically suppressed; and yet protects the practice of democracy on issues about which we feel differently. Talk about slippery slopes.

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