Thursday, September 21, 2006

APS sleight of hand.

Before the school bond issue election; voters were assured by pretty much everyone that, the election was about kids/buildings, it was not about APS Leadership.

Now that the bond issue has passed, 57% of a frighteningly low turnout has apparently endorsed APS Leadership as well.

The Journal, this morning, quotes APS School Board President, Character Counts Leadership Council President, New Mexico Broadcasters Association President, and Modrall Law’s First Lady, Paula Maes.

“If the bond had failed, I think, the mayor would have had a lot better ground to stand on because he would have said, ‘Look, the community doesn’t trust APS to manage this huge amount of money.’ “ Maes said, “It’s going to be harder for him to say that now.”

Now, after the avalanche of community support for eight people, not one of whom will hold themselves accountable even to the student standard of conduct.

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