Thursday, September 21, 2006

APS: “Breaking the faith” still on the table.

The APS axis, eight people and their lawyers, sit a top a vast empire. There are at least a few people on the west side, who believe the best interests of their community would be served by a division of that empire.

The counter attack to preserve the empire includes the following threat: If you split from the District, you will leave your share of the bond money here. You will pay increased property taxes, but you will receive none of the money.

Paula Maes said, “Where are they going to get the money?” “They’re not thinking straight.”

According to this morning’s Journal, Modrall lawyer, Art Melendrez said, the board is not “legally” required to use the money raised Tuesday for West Side schools.

Again according to the Journal, Melendrez was able to recognize that changing the plan “would probably be viewed as breaking the faith” … with voters.

Gee, do ya think?

You will notice that he did cover the collective butt though; he said “probably”. Nobody really knows for sure. Right?

For the record, if the Leadership of APS were honestly accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct, breaking the faith would no longer be on the table. It would never have been placed on the table.

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