Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bond Outcome Too Important to Let Voters Decide.

If the vote on the bond issue read:

Loan a third of a billion dollars to eight people; not one of whom will be held accountable to a higher standard (than the law).

Would voters cast their votes differently?

Governor Richardson referred in his recent op-ed, to a “persuasive” “argument” that these eight individuals have “a long history of dodging accountability when it comes to managing (their) finances and modernizing schools.”

Is this an election issue? Should voters talk about this before they vote? Will they? Do they have a right to?

People trust the media to give them the information they need to vote intelligently. Many absolutely rely upon the media to help them understand the truth. The obligation of the media to report the truth is much like APS Leaders commitment to Model and Promote the Pillars of Character Counts. It looks good on letterhead, is the stuff of great speeches; but, it's not really enforceable.

I was told by an editor (or news director, I don’t remember) that corruption in APS is old news and people don’t want to hear about it anymore. An editor told me that if I could get a petition with 600 signatures of people who cared about the APS ethics scandal; she might consider assigning a reporter. I don’t think that there is any question as to newsworthiness. The decision not to report the truth is manifest abuse of power. It is a betrayal of trust.

The media in this town know the truth; the community doesn’t. And powerful people are so hooked up that, no one can do anything about it; especially one old shop teacher.

You won’t read the truth about the APS Ethics Scandal in the papers, you won’t see it on the news, but you can find it at Diogenes’six.

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