Saturday, September 16, 2006

Just say no.

Winston Churchill said that, if there is no solution, there is no problem.

We have no problem with corrupt and incompetent public service. That, which causes individuals to surrender to temptation, is human nature. “Better humans” is not a solution.

The underlying problem, for which there is a solution, is that the system tolerates, enables, maybe promotes, corruption and incompetence. The solution is to impose a system that is unfriendly to corruption and incompetence. To the extent we can accomplish that, corruption and incompetence are proportionally exposed and deterred.

The first ethical use of power is to ensure that that power cannot be abused, ever.

Clearly we cannot fix the “system”. But there is a weak spot, an Achilles’ heel.

Once the hypothesis is proved, that the people can take their power back when their power is being abused, a precedent is established. If the school board can be held honestly accountable to a meaningful standard, why not the city council, or the legislature?

Who defines the terms of public service, the public or the servant?

Standing in the way are eight people (seven elected, one appointed) and their lawyers.

They are on the record refusing to be held honestly accountable even to the standard to which they still hold students accountable.

Voters want accountability to a higher standard, the servants do not. The servant’s position is indefensible; except by exercising their power to table the discussion.

Corruption exists only because it can.

All we have to do is stand up and say no.

Next Wednesday, the 2oth, 5:00 pm, APS board room.

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