Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Chamber supports Character Counts. Not!

The Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, in the person of Teri Cole, knew about the APS Ethics Scandal as early as early as June of this year.

I see no evidence that they have done anything but help to cover it up.

In my effort to address the APS Ethics Scandal, a betrayal of the Principles of Character Counts, leadership, and trust; I tried to contact the Character Counts Leadership Council. APS has denied my requess for the information that I need to contact its members.

I went to the Chamber of Commerce because they claim to support Character Counts.

From the Chamber's website:

Partnering with the local Character Counts! Leadership Council, the Chamber promotes the implementation of formal plans to advance Character Counts! in workplaces throughout the metro area.

(like the Albuquerque Public Schools main office?)

Teri Cole was informed of the nature, depth and breadth of the scandal. I think that she owes Chamber of Commerce members, the Character Counts Leadership Council, and the community, an explanation of her apparently inappropriate response. Teri Cole, if she claims to be a “believer” in the Pillars of Character Counts, had a responsibility to stand up and defend Character Counts and the community against the scandalous behavior of the Leadership of APS.

Now she needs to stand up and tell us why she did not.

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