Saturday, September 09, 2006

Governor Richardson reminds us we're buying buildings.

He would like us to focus on the fact that APS desperately needs some money. He asks us to ignore the issues of

• Waste on, “bureaucratic red tape.”
• APS’s “…long history of dodging accountability…”
• “…ill will across the state.”,
• Legislative and community “…distrust of APS…”
• “…a lack of leadership…”

He reassures us that, “Following the election, I welcome a debate on potential solutions aimed at requiring more accountability in our schools.” As in “…giving Albuquerque’s Mayor some control over the city’s schools.”

I feel better already.

The problem is corruption and incompetence. The solution is honest accountability. By their own representation, the Leadership of APS will not hold themselves honestly accountable even to the standard they hold for students. And we are just supposed to ignore it. And early next year, when we approve another 125 million dollars and elect board members; will we just have to ignore it then as well?

How unimportant is trust when we’re talking about trusting people with a third of a billion dollars and no accountability?

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