Sunday, September 24, 2006

APS board meeting record falsified

A record is kept of meetings of the school board. It is a video tape compilation, normally from tapes from two cameras. I have been assured by Russell Reed, APS videographer, that when he edits the tapes, he combines footage in a manner that preserves the second by second history of the meeting. Were that not his own representation, it is certainly the requirement of any meaningful standard of ethical conduct.

The version of the board meeting that is being broadcast on TalNet, ch. 96, is missing some seconds; it is missing a lot of seconds. An inconvenient truth has been edited out of the historical record.

Each member of the board has been asked if they will hold themselves honestly accountable to a meaningful standard of conduct. They have been asked to hold themselves accountable to the same standard of conduct that applies to students.

Their repeated response has been, no.

In fact, when asked the question, they sit in silence; always with their eyes hidden from their constituents. They have done so five times in as many board meetings.

A constituent watching the board meeting on TV will not see the board members response to my question. Their response has been edited from history. They will not allow themselves to be held accountable to the truth. Likely; they will be successful.

I don't know if this constitutes criminal misconduct. Even if it is criminal; the Modrall Law Firm will ensure that no one is held accountable; even to the law.

Eight public servants and their lawyers are demonstrating that they can do what ever they want to do; and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Public servants are dictating the terms of their service. This is absurd.

Do the rules apply only to the little people?

Apparently so.

And where is the media?

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