Saturday, September 09, 2006

APS Administrators Guilty knowledge?

For the most this pertains to administrators in that they have the power and others don’t.

They can be divided into at least two groups. There are those who are incompetent and/or corrupt. And there are those who are neither incompetent nor corrupt; yet have guilty knowledge of the corruption and incompetence.

Guilty knowledge means you could have done something, you should have done something; but you didn’t. It means that there is nothing honorable or courageous, or even acceptable, about not doing the right thing.

In so far as incompetence and corruption are part of the District’s culture, it would be difficult to represent that you never, ever saw it.

I would grant the possibility, that there could be administrators who could look you in the eye and represent that they are so clueless that they could not see the truth.

Fortunately, there are also those who can show a record of the times that they have stood up for what they believed in; at some personal sacrifice.

Sometimes on specific issues, there is a group who are simply out of the loop.

There are those who really do not know that the Leadership of APS is excepting itself from honest accountability even to the student standard. Maybe, if they knew the truth, they would be outraged. Maybe Character Counts is a hill worth dying on.

They would stand for their students, and their parents, and their teachers. They would stand up for what they believe in, even if they stand alone.

The Leadership of APS has deliberately interfered with my efforts to contact administrators, teachers, students and parents.

This is a case on point. APS Leaders are not breaking the law when they deny autonomous decision making to stakeholders. It is an ethical concept. They cannot be held accountable for conduct which is legal, but never the less reprehensible. They cannot be held accountable because by their own decision, they are no longer accountable for ethical misconduct.

It worth noting that no credible explanation has been offered for the media’s failure to inform voters and their community about the APS Ethics Scandal.

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