Saturday, September 16, 2006

Lt. Governor Diane Denish joins APS apologists.

On the radio this morning, we are assured by Ms. Denish that none of the APS Bond Issue money will go (directly) into the pockets of APS Administrators in salaries.

Red herring. (from the practice of drawing a red herring across a trail to confuse hunting dogs: something that distracts attention from the real issue). It has never been suggested that there was any connection between the school bond and salaries.

The herring was dragged in front of us to take our eye off the ball. Can these people can be trusted with our money? The issue is whether we trust APS Leadership as stewards of a third of a billion dollars. How can it not be an issue?

Governor Richardson referred in his recent op-ed, to a “persuasive” “argument” that these eight individuals have “a long history of dodging accountability when it comes to managing (their) finances and modernizing schools.”

How is this not an election issue?

It is not an issue, because the board/administration/Modrall axis says so. They have decided that voters will not contemplate the character of the board and administration as they decide whether or not their money is safe and destined for appropriate use.

APS Leaders have decided that they will not be held honestly accountable to any meaningful standard of conduct.

They can’t be touched. They are public servants and they are using the power entrusted to them to save themselves from accountability. Our power, in their hands, makes them too powerful to be held accountable to the even to the law.

This is diametrically opposite to the notion of public servants as “servants”. A notion that I suspect is as old as our republic.

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