Monday, March 19, 2012

Janice Arnold-Jones to be taken seriously

Rep Janice Arnold-Jones won a resounding victory at the Republican Party Pre-primary Convention Saturday.

The victory puts her at the top of the ballot and in the public eye. The public will like what they see.

It has been a struggle for Arnold-Jones whose success pleases Republicans a whole lot more than it pleases the Republican Party. The "Party" has gone out of its way to make her political success impossible, link.


I would argue, it is as simple as Arnold-Jones willingness to put people above politics. She takes her orders from the people, not from the Party, that the Party doesn't like it.

A bright and intensely curious person and politician, Arnold-Jones is an authority on the issues and obstacles for government of, by and for the people. She is a proven hero of transparency, having brought webcasting into the NM Legislature against considerable and powerful opposition.

Proven competence, character, courage and grace, and now, the spotlight she deserves.

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