Friday, March 30, 2012

Korte in violation of School Board Code of Ethics

I received an email from someone who attended the District and Community Relations Committee meeting where the Citizens Advisory Council on Communication petition received its first hearing and denial.

During that meeting, School Board Member Kathy Korte spent way too much time dissing me and instead of giving unbiased consideration of a legitimate effort to establish meaningful communications between the district and the community.

He wrote;

Korte really dislikes you and will not knowingly support anything that you are associated with.
I believe him. Korte would vote against the public interests in a heart beat, if in doing so, she can strike a blow, however puny and pathetic, against me.

She does so in blatant violation of the School Board's own Code of Ethics, link, which reads in significant part;
1. Make the education and well-being of students the basis for all decision making ...

4. Establish an open, two-way communication process with students, staff, families and all segments of the community ...

7. Avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance thereof and refrain from using the board position for personal ... gain ...

In basing her decision to oppose the recognition of the
Citizens Advisory Council on Communication, based on my membership in it, she violates their code.

In her obstruction of the Council, she is stifling the opportunity for real two-way communication with the community.

In using her position on the board to retaliate against a petition I signed, Korte is using her position for personal gain.

The School Board Code of Ethics, by their own free admission, is completely unenforceable.

Her malfeasance is also a violation of state law and the Governmental Conduct Act, equally unenforceable if one has enough unscrupulous lawyers and an unlimited budget for litigation against the public interests.

photo Mark Bralley

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