Sunday, March 04, 2012

Legacy Church Pastor takes the Journal to the woodshed over bias.

The Journal has posted an op-ed, link, by the Pastor of the Legacy Church, Steve Smothermon. The Journal, according to Smothermon, has presented "lop-sided" coverage.

I would suppose that any newspaper printing the whole and unvarnished truth about any political issue will be accused by both sides of being on the others side. Sometimes newspaper editors do take sides on an issue, and as long as they keep their support or opposition on the editorial page, it presents no problem.

Unfortunately, there is evidence that the Journal doesn't draw a crisp line between editorial opinion and biased coverage.

Since the headlines for op-ed pieces are written by editors and not by those whose submission is published, it is an editor who offered a "qualified" admission of the allegation made against them;

Pastor Smothermon Sets Record Straight on ‘Biased’ Coverage.
At least they didn't use the timeworn and hackneyed "allegedly" Still, one cannot set the record straight unless the record needs straightening to begin with.

The quotation marks around "biased" soften the sting of the Pastor's spot on appraisal of Journal coverage but don't deflect it.

Now if they would just do something to rectify the situation, if they would take steps to ensure honest and unbiased reporting, if they would make a diligent effort to contact principles in a story before running with it, perhaps they won't be compelled to publish any more letters attempting to unring a bell and set the record straight.

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