Monday, March 12, 2012

Houston blows off resounding no-confidence vote

Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston chose to dismiss a recent vote of no confidence, despite it's overwhelming nature. Nearly seventy percent of "voters" showed up and more than 90% of them voted no-confidence. When the dust settles on the math, nearly two out of every three deputy sheriffs sees a problem.

Houston does not. Not enough of a problem anyway, to address any of the issues that have his subordinates so upset.

Votes of no confidence carry no weight, there is no provision in statutes to remove any politician or public servant based on vote outcomes, no matter how lop-sided. Houston would have to be recalled; a nearly impossible task.

He could just step up and deal with at least a few of the myriad of issues that prompted the vote.

Instead, he informs us that he is too busy serving us, even to take notice of the vote.

In all likelihood, he will not be recalled. The problems won't go away; they will continue to fester while morale in the Sheriff's department plummets.

Plummeting morale will affect performance, it always does.
How can it not?

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