Thursday, March 15, 2012

Brooks off on Virginia junket

According to APS' award winning website, link, APS Supt Winston Brooks is off to McLean Virginia, home of USA Today.

Winston Brooks will be among the dozen or so superintendents from across the nation who will join business leaders, members of the media and other education leaders in addressing successes and challenges that face America’s urban schools ...

... the day-long forum will bring these educators, corporate executives and media personnel to exchange ideas aimed at improving education in the United States.

... the main purpose of the forum is to raise awareness of education issues and shed light on the challenges that face our nation’s schools.”

This forum brings together USA Today and the country’s leading urban educators to discuss progress in our big-city schools and how to build on achievements..."
Does anyone really believe the problem is, superintendents have not junketed around the country enough discussing education?

Does anyone really believe that when Brooks gets back in town next week, APS students will be any more likely to graduate than they were before he left?

photo Mark Bralley

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