Monday, March 19, 2012

Santa Feans fight for access.

A reader provides us with a must read link to a story in the
Santa Fe New Mexican;

Officials block efforts to obtain public records

The story is about the newspaper's efforts to see public records
and the government's efforts to keep them hidden.

The remarkable thing about the story is, you could substitute
the players; Santa Fe government "officials", for counterparts
in every agency I have ever asked for records they don't want
to provide.

Pols, public servants, and lawyers whose salaries are paid by the very people they're stiffing for public records and access, using loopholes, technicalities and legal weaselry and hiding public records from the people to whom they belong.

It is a fight between those who want to see how their power and resources are being spent, and pols and public servants who would rather spend them in secret. There is only one reason to spend in secret; there is only one reason to hide the truth (beyond specific and explicit exceptions provided by law), and that is to avoid accountability in the spending.

They will succeed for as long as we continue to allow them.

They will succeed for as long as good men do nothing.

... in Santa Fe, in Torrance County, in APS, in ...

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