Saturday, March 03, 2012

APS "cooperating " with PED investigators.

No fewer than five investigators from the New Mexico Public Education Department swarmed an elementary school, immediately isolated the players so stories couldn't be cooked up, and began an investigation into allegations of cheating on standardized tests, link.

APS Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta laid out APS' spin by pounding on the fact that the person, or persons, who made the allegation remain "anonymous". Reporting anonymously is far better than not reporting at all, which is the goal of leadership in cultures of corruption and incompetence.

There are is some justification for whistleblowers to feel they have to remain anonymous in the APS. A recent audit found a culture of fear of retribution and retaliation against whistleblowers. A culture of fear ...

The version that went out under her name, link, approaches real candor by admitting right up front

"APS and the PED have a history of working together to investigate all claims of testing irregularities, which have on occasion resulted in the invalidation of tests." emphasis added
There have been other investigations, likely following allegations made by whistleblowers also who felt the need for the protection anonymity provides, and those investigations substantiated their allegations.

Armenta pointed to cluelessness or cover up when she offered, "... we really don't have any details." Honestly, I find that pretty hard to believe that APS' Crisis Manager has "no" details.

I'll bet she knows, for example, how many occasions cheating allegations have been substantiated. If she doesn't, why not?

Real candor on her part would have prompted a more complete communication than "on occasion".

If I tried to dig up the numbers she won't; if I tried investigate and report upon the depth and breadth of cheating on standardized testing in the APS, I would be be resisted in that effort by the entire weight of government in the APS, from the school board down to the least powerful member of their publicly funded private police force.

They will pay their lawyers what ever they need, to litigate their self-exception to the law for administrators and board members. Their budget for litigation is as unlimited as their willingness to spend it on whatever legal weaselry the law will allow.

There are a few heavy hitters in the local press that might/could get most of the truth out of the leadership of the APS. Their odds are certainly better than mine, though their standing under the First Amendment is not one iota greater than mine.

The question of course is, will any of those heavy hitters investigate and report upon credible allegations of cheating on standardized testing, and upon the efforts the leadership of the APS are making to cover it all up?

It seems unlikely in light of their steadfast refusal to investigate and report upon the felony criminal misconduct in the APS police force and that no heads rolled. It was all covered up.

The establishment's media were and are complicit or complacent in a cover up of felony criminal misconduct by senior APS administrators.

My money is on complicit.

Let's see how deep they dig.

photo Mark Bralley

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