Wednesday, March 07, 2012

APS redistricting on school board agenda tonight

An agenda for tonight's meeting has finally been posted. The school board intends to revisit it previous decision regarding school board member districts, link.

I suspect that they have known for some time what their agenda was. Why they waited until the last minute to post it can't be proven, but I suspect the usual motive; depressing public awareness and participation.

Also on the agenda, link; the election of Board Officers and Committee Chairs.

Matters of Information has been moved to the end of the agenda from its usual position, right after public forum. The immediate usefulness of of the move appears to be to separate the MoI from any inconvenient points or questions that might have broached during public forum, and board member's obligations to respond to them.

If there's another reason, I can't imagine it, and the board didn't articulate it.

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