Monday, March 05, 2012

High and low standards indistinguishable, if neither can be enforced.

Let's say you, like the leadership of the APS, have a police force.

If your interest is in having a good police force, you will identify standards of conduct and competence that are high enough to accomplish your mission.

Then you will enforce them.

You will provide due process for every legitimate complaint;
no matter no matter who lodges it, no matter why they lodge
it, and no matter who they lodge it against.

The APS Police force's mission, link, reads;

The Albuquerque Public Schools Police Department
exists for the purpose of providing police and security
services to the public schools.
In the first place, it is not a police "department". They would like very much for it to be a police department, but it is not. To call their publicly funded private police "department" is dishonest on its face. If they really were a police department, they wouldn't need the legislature to make them one.

By "providing police and security services to the public schools" they mean enforcing the law. And they do at some levels; just not administrative or executive ones.

At the leadership level, the APS police force has a more sinister mission; praetorian guard, protecting the leadership of the APS from being held honestly accountable for public corruption and incompetence. Their police force is there to make sure due process does not befall any of the leadership of the APS; to wit, the self-investigation of felony criminal misconduct in the leadership of the APS police force, by the APS police force.

More than a year ago, school board enforcer Marty Esquivel took it upon himself to write a restraining order banning me from participation in school board meetings.

The order is quite unlawful; Esquivel had no authority as an individual school board member, to write it without school board approval. That approval could not have been provided except in violation of the Open Meetings Act.

Also signing off on the unlawful order; Chief of Police Steve Tellez.

Ask him what he has done with credible testimony and evidence of felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators.

Together Esquivel and Tellez have ordered their police force to enforce the unlawful restraining order that they call a "banning letter".

Bottom line, folks wearing guns, mace, tazers I suppose, handcuffs and badges, and "just following orders", stand between me and the public forum at school board meetings.

Only now, they are enforcing the will of the leadership of the APS by drawing the line, not a the doors of school board meetings, but at the edge of APS property an action they took without provocation, without justification, and without hesitation.

Deputy Chief of Police Steve Gallegos arrested and ejected me from APS property for no reason at all except to harass me and to make it more difficult for me to expose administrative and executive corruption and incompetence.

So there it is; a standard;
thou shalt not use a publicly funded private police force
to suppress dissidence in public forums.
Are they accountable to it?

According to the State Auditor, no. According to the Attorney General, District Attorney, Bernalillo County Sheriff and Albuquerque Police Department, no.

Any complaint to be filed, can be filed only within APS itself.
They will self-adjudicate allegations made against them.

It would be silly to file a complaint against Gallegos with Tellez,
I mean, seriously?

I could file a complaint with Supt Winston Brooks, but he the one giving the orders. The administrative buck stops with him.

APS COO Brad Winter? He's in on it.

He would like it very much if I couldn't ask him again in public,
why won't he steadfastly refuses to tell the truth about spending at 6400 Uptown Blvd.

There is no avenue to file a complaint against the school board except the public forum, and I am kept from it, by the very people against whom I wish to complain.

There is Ethical Advocate. Though the complaint filed there will be investigated and adjudicated by the respondents themselves, it will be difficult for them to do much without creating a public record, or avoiding creating one.

I have filed a complaint. By way of resolution, I am insisting upon a gathering and compiling of the truth about the incident.

I will have an incontrovertible record, as a result of the Ethical Advocate complaint, that they were asked to tell the truth, and chose to hide it instead.

There is only one reason to hide the truth, and that is
to escape the consequences that would follow if you don't.

It is about cowardice and corruption.

photos Mark Bralley
Gallegos, ched macquigg

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