Thursday, March 01, 2012

Confidence vote in store for Houston

It is hardly a secret that Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston isn't popular with his troops. The union representing Deputy Sheriffs is considering a vote of no confidence.

So what?

It is hard to imagine more useful information than the results of a vote of confidence, or to imagine information that is less useful.

There is a glaring disparity between the respect paid to the experience, education, and expertise that subordinates bring to their jobs, and the disrespect paid to the opinions that rest on them; whether it be a full out confidence vote or any other subordinate evaluation.

There is a certain amount of simple arrogance in play when people like Houston, Winston Brooks and the School Board decide they have no obligation to pay any attention to subordinate opinion, expertise and experience.

In particular, when they decide to pay no attention to
the community members they serve.

It really is quite indefensible

photo Mark Bralley

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