Wednesday, March 21, 2012

APS board will vote to limit meeting notice

Once a year, the school board is required to consider and approve an open meetings resolution; their plan to meet the requirements of the NM Open Meetings Act in the following year.

The agenda, link, published late yesterday, the minimum notice required by the law, indicates tonight is the night.

The last time they considered the subject of agenda notice, I encouraged Board Member Kathy Korte to press for more notice; some agencies offer 48 hours notice, some 72, some publish their agendas "as built" giving interest holders as much notice as possible.

Korte claimed she had been told that state law prohibited the board from extending their notice from 24 hrs to anything longer, link.

She went ballistic on me, when I informed her that she had been bamboozled, likely by School Board enforcer and "open government expert" Marty Esquivel.

Their new resolution, link, indicates they will again offer only the minimum notice required by the law, rather that extending notice to enable more participation by interest holders.

photo Mark Bralley

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