Saturday, March 24, 2012

APS Board to hear Citizens Advisory Council on Communication Petition

Almost eight months after having received their petition, the APS School Board has agreed to hear and discuss it in an open meeting.

It is on the agenda, link, of the District and Community Relations Committee meeting, chaired by Lorenzo Garcia. The meeting is next Tuesday and begins at 5 pm.

Garcia has a history of expressing respect for public input. His committee is the only one that regularly includes a public forum on the agenda.

I still believe he holds honor and duty in higher regard than most in the leadership of the APS.

There will be formidable, albeit clandestine resistance to recognizing the standing of the Citizens Advisory Council on Communication and their effort to establish two-way communication between the leadership of the APS and the community members they serve.

It will be an interesting meeting.

I am prevented from participating in that meeting by an unlawful restraining order written by school board enforcer Marty Esquivel, and enforced by a publicly funded, private police force; unaccredited, uncertified, and unaccountable to anyone except the leadership of the APS.

photo Mark Bralley

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