Monday, September 14, 2015

Yates sheds credibility in defense of Duran

Former NM Republican Party Chairman Harvey Yates came to the defense of NM Secretary of State Diana Duran in the Sunday Journal, link.

From this day forward, Yates face and defense of the secretary's seclusion will come up in internet searches for "blind loyalty at the expense of personal credibility".

Yates sheds credibility in defense of Duran's ongoing refusal to tell the truth to stake and interest holders.

There is only one reason to not tell the truth;
to avoid the consequences of the truth being known.

It stands to reason that hidden truth is not exonerating.  When a politician or public servant will not tell the truth about their public service, about their character or about their competence, their refusal comes with a spoken or not;

... trust me
Even though I won't tell you the truth, trust me.

Harvey Yates might; I doubt that many others will.

photo Mark Bralley

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