Thursday, September 24, 2015

Journal coverage self-evidently slanted

In some respects, the Journal can't win; the left thinks it leans right, the right thinks it leans left.

Sometimes, they lean neither way and inform neither by simply not reporting the news; not informing the democracy.

One such today.  I would like call attention to the reporting on the report out of the Office of the State Auditor Tim Keller..

In the Journal this morning, the Journal comes with something they didn't even write; something they downloaded off an AP wire, link.  Compare and contrast that coverage with the report two days ago on the NM Political Report, link.

I would argue neither of them told the democracy what it really needs to know; the Journal didn't mention APS at all, and the NM PR only mentioned tangentially; APS' audit woes.

This though;

  • The leadership of the APS spends somewhere between a 1/5 and a 1/4 of the state budget; more than a billion tax dollars a year.
  • They have trouble with audits.  They have a lot of trouble with audits and always have. And
  • not just with financial audits.  There has never been an "audit" of the leadership of the APS that did not have "findings" including "repeat" findings.  Findings are bad; repeat findings are worse.
So why, if the leadership of the APS has trouble with audits (stemming fundamentally from the ethics, standards and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS) will the Journal not report  on it?

It has nothing to do with leaning left or right.
It has to do with bending over backwards
to cover the asses politicians and public servants
who happen to have friends in the media.

Disclosure;  I chatted briefly with NM PR reporter Joey Peters about a month ago.  He and NM PR are aware that;
  • state and federal felonies were committed and involved senior APS administrators (in 2006-7, and were covered up*.  *There is no record otherwise; they can't produce a single public record indicating any evidence or testimony was ever turned over to the DA for possible criminal prosecution.
  • The findings of several investigations have been and are still being hidden from public knowledge. and
  • they are being hidden against the public interests, by means of using operational dollars to this day, to underwrite litigation and legal weaselry in years long effort to keep the records (and the truth) secret.
  • And that all anybody has to do to investigate these allegations to to file a public records request for 
    • the findings of every single investigation they had done into allegations of state and federal felony criminal misconduct involving senior APS administrators and the leadership of the APS Police force; a publicly funded, private police force. and
    • the public records of my efforts to get them to produce those records and
    • the public records of their efforts to keep the records hidden.
and then report on what is produced and what isn't.
So far, nothing.

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