Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Will KRQE investigate Esquivel?

If you mention the name Marty Esquivel around at least some KRQE reporters, they turn around and leave.

They're in a bit of a bind you see.  If they started looking into Esquivel they would be looking into their lawyer.  Though Marty Esquivel is part of the intrigue, he is KRQE's lawyer.

Former APS school board member Kathy Korte has posted freely on the "backsides" of online reporting on developing scandals in the Valentino administration.

Korte has stated pretty clearly that the board violated the NM Open Meetings Act in her presence, and while Esquivel was on the board; maybe while Esquivel was the president of the board.

I find her testimony on Open Meetings Act violations more credible than Esquivel's.

Either way, there's a story here.  Either Kathy Korte is lying or Marty Esquivel was part of Open Meetings Act violations.

Either is a decent headline.
Either would inform the democracy.

Neither suits the interests of KRQE.

Everybody is really worked up over Valentino's quarter million dollar exit; how worked up do you think those people would be if they knew;

former school board enforcer and KRQE lawyer
Marty Esquivel has spent three times that amount
on litigation and legal weaselry in federal court
in a cost is no object, over-sightless and
non-viable defense of his own ego?

 photos Mark Bralley

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