Saturday, September 12, 2015

"... morale is said to be low ..."

An unnamed source apparently "said" to Journal editors;

morale is low in the APD.
They reported that much in an editorial this morning, link.

They are yet to assign a reporter to investigate and report upon the as yet unconfirmed allegation.   I will bow as always, to controverting fact.

What more important or valid indicator of organizational health is there, than the morale in the rank and file?

Police officer morale is low for a reason.
Nobody really knows what that reason is. A lot of people can tell you why they think it's low; but nobody can show you any real data.

Nobody has ever asked them*; why morale is declining?
*by means of a survey they all could take, and to which they could respond candidly, forthrightly and honestly without fear of retribution or retaliation.

The people in charge generally don't and won’t ask that question (on the record, in a survey) because the answer might well be;
"BECAUSE of the people in charge."
It might well be that a lack of confidence in and respect for the people in charge is destroying individual and departmental morale.  Prove otherwise.

There is a reason that the people in charge don’t collect real, hard data on employee morale, and it isn’t any genuine concern having to do with employee morale.

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