Thursday, September 03, 2015

APS reform must be fundamental. The cornerstone must be relaid.

Whatever reform takes place, it will be written and executed by people who meet high enough standards of conduct and competence in their public service.

Or not.

There is every likelihood that the reform will actually be written and executed by people who are marginally accountable to middling standards at best.  And only then if litigation and legal weaselry cannot fail to enable their escape.

Reform, rehabilitation, rejuvenation cannot rise from these ashes.

There needs to be laid, a new foundation; meaningful standards and, honest to God accountability.

To what standards of conduct are APS school board members actually honestly accountable?

The Duran, Valentino, Blakey brouhaha over the appearance of nepotism, stands as a clear violation of the school board's own code of ethics which reads;

Avoid conflicts of interests or the appearance thereof ...
Suppose that you or anyone else, wanted to hold School Board President Don Duran personally accountable to the school boards code of ethics by filing a complaint.  Where exactly would you file your complaint?  With whom?

The truth is; the facts are;
you can file your complaint
in an election
a few years from now, 
and that's about it.

There will be in the leadership of the APS
  • inadequate standards of conduct and competence and or, 
  • inadequate accountability to those standards
for as long as politicians and public servants
are allowed write the terms of their own public service
and of the accountability they will suffer in the public interests.

... for as long as good men do nothing."

Ten people showed up to the public forum last night
to stand up for what they believe in.
Ten people stood up to be counted.

... for as long as good men do nothing."

 photo Mark Bralley

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