Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Having, apparently, learned nothing in the last month ...

The APS School Board intends to meet in secret Friday morning, link;

for the Purpose of Discussion of a Limited Personnel Matter Regarding the Terms of the Acting Superintendent's Contract (Discussion/Action)
Though the Open Meeting Act quite clearly requires that they describe with "reasonable specificity" what it is that they intend to discuss and decide; the board continues to offer at little as the law absolutely requires.

No one can honestly believe that they have shared all of the information that the law will allow.

They could have written, as but one example;
"for the purpose of discussing salary" 
along with a reasonably specific description of whatever else they intend to discuss and decide upon.

The board remains utterly unaccountable to stake and interest holders.

To make matters worse, the meeting was not noticed in accordance with the Open Meeting Act which requires 72 hours notice.  The agenda was supposed to have been posted no later than 7:30 Tuesday morning.  It had not been posted by the end of the day.  It was posted this morning, along with an indication that it was posted on September 4th; five days ago.  I have asked APS to point to the place, process and person claiming to have posted the agenda 5 days ago. If ever they respond, I will attach their response to this post.

They simply skirt the law with "legally" defensible minimal compliance.

If someone wanted to actually file a complaint that they are not being specific enough, the board is prepared to spend however many operational dollars they need, on lawyers, litigation and legal weaselry to assure that when the dust settles; they will have to admit no guilt over their unjustifiable lack of transparency and unnecessary secrecy.

Still, nothing has changed.

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