Wednesday, September 09, 2015

A month later; what about Don Moya and Karen Rudys?

At least a few unanswered questions remain;

1.  Did APS CFO Don Moya actually do anything wrong; anything at all that would warrant placing him on paid leave? 

The widely held assumption is that he is being retaliated against for being a whistleblower.  If so, "the leadership" of the APS needs to rehabilitate his reputation and return him to work.
If he is guilty of something, he needs to be terminated and or charged.
2.  How long will taxpayers pay Moya to stay at home?
It has been a month now, since  Don Moya was put on administrative leave by former APS Supt Luis Valentino. 
In that month, Moya has been paid around $14, 250; ($171K annual salary div 12).
 3.  APS' Asst. Supt. for Human Resources [Interim] Karen Rudys credibility and reputation have been sullied.
Is she doomed to twist in the wind for the next few months or years, like Don Moya?
All begging at least two more questions
  1. Why, after more than a month, does the school board still not know the truth, or
  3. Why, knowing the truth for who knows how long, hasn't the board been candid, forthright and honest with stake and interest holders about the spending of their power and resources?
If the board is unable to ferret out the truth and hold people actually and honestly accountable for their public service, they need to resign.

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