Friday, September 18, 2015

APS woes; the cause and the cure

The decision making model currently employed by the leadership of the APS amounts to the remnants of a century old good ol' boy oligarchy and is self-evidently unsuccessful.

Before we go looking for another someone to beat that dead horse, perhaps we should reconsider whether that is the direction in which we still want to go.

Do we want to perpetuate what's left of their good ol' boys club?

Stake and interest holders in the APS, have lost control over the power and resources they have entrusted to the APS school board and their superintendent.

The "cure"* is; a fundamentally different decision making model; one characterized by transparent accountability to meaningful standards of conduct and competence.

*Among other options; participatory decision making.  Learn about it in the Wikipedia 

If we choose that model, then we're looking for a whole different kind of superintendent.  We will be looking for a synergist; someone who can enable us to take full advantage of the human and other resources we have at hand.
The administration of the cure will be opposed by the politicians and public servants who benefit from keeping the remnants of their century old good ol' boys club intact.

Usurped power is not given back willingly, ever.
It has to be taken back.

Whether it is or not, in this and similar circumstances everywhere, depends on what stake and interest holders are actually willing to do to defend their own interests.

If the answer is "nothing"; if the answer is that they really aren't willing to do one damn thing, then the people who usurped control over their power and resources, will continue their usurpation until they are.

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