Thursday, September 17, 2015

Public Disinformation Officers

A truly disturbing number of PIO's are making their living off taxpayers  by spreading no, dis, and misinformation.  They betray the trust the people have placed in them without the slightest apparent shame or hesitation.

Their goal in life morphed somehow, from informing the democracy
to disseminating propaganda, disinformation and misinformation.
I'm guessing, they're making a lot more money covering asses
than exposing them.

I submit that Public Disinformation Officers represent
not only the single most egregious squandering of
public trust and treasure, but also the most blatant.

If we can't put an end to this crap, and relatively immediately,
we really are completely screwed; up the creek without a paddle, wiktionary.

Consider for example ABQ Ride spokesperson Rick De Reyes.
De Reyes is one of the first in a long string of TV news people who jumped ship after discovering that the grass was a lot greener on the other side of the fence.  The hardest hitting investigative reporters were the first to go; if memory serves.

KOB interviewed him for their report, link.  He commented on a video that clearly shows a city bus driver munching on a burrito when he plowed into the car in front of him, pushing that car into two others.

After viewing the video, De Reyes described what he had seen;

"He had not been eating or drinking at the time."

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