Saturday, September 19, 2015

The slam on Moya

In the Journal this morning; link, a report that APS CFO Don Moya was arguing, that with respect to the yet to be named concerns that Valentino wanted to investigate, using his input was better than hiring independent investigators.

That looks very bad for Moya.

However earnestly he might
actually believe his opinions
are more valuable than those
of independent auditors,
the appearance is that he was
trying to interfere with any
independent investigation of ethics, standards and accountability in the leadership of the APS.

The leadership of the APS avoids independent audits like the plague.  And for a reason, the findings of those audits read;
  • administrative evaluations are subjective and unrelated to promotion or step placement.
  • the leadership of the APS routinely ignores the findings of independent examinations and reviews
  • the "culture" of the APS is one of fear of retribution and retaliation against whistle blowers and other complainants.
  • during the "renovation" of the twin towers, senior administrators were spending $50K at a whack, "without involving Purchasing" during a time when other auditors had found the trifecta of public corruption;
1.  inadequate standard and
2.  inadequate accountability and
3   inadequate record keeping.
When you are searching for the guilty, you don't usually have to look past the people who are trying to keep a lid on things.

I am not accusing Don Moya of anything.  I am not even suggesting that he is part of the cover up of the ethics, standards and accountability crisis in the leadership of the APS.

All I am saying is, that is an appearance he and they have created.

photo Mark Bralley

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