Wednesday, September 02, 2015

APS School Board headed toward recall election

The APS school board, in and around their deliberations on Luis Valentino's removal, violated a number of stipulations of the NM Open Meetings Act, a number of times.  I witnessed a few myself.  They just can't seem to keep it straight;

  1. convene in open session
  2. take a roll call vote to adjourn to go into secret to discuss and decide on subjects that have been described  with "reasonable specificity"
  3. meet in secret from stake and interest holders and discuss and decide only what they have declared they will discuss and decide
  4. reconvene in open session
  5. take a roll call vote that amounts to a sworn oath that nothing was decided in the meeting except what had been declared before adjourning.
In any case, there are grounds enough to take to a district court judge and get the process rolling in their recall.

Because so few people voted in the elections of the school board members facing recall, the two men who are leading the recall effort have relatively few signatures to gather.  I suspect there will be people lining up to sign.

There is going to be a shake up in the leadership of the APS.  There are going to be higher standards of conduct and competence, and school board members and senior administrators are are going to find themselves transparently accountable to them.

The two men leading the recall effort, Jacob Gil and Van Overton have the support of at least some of establishment's media; the Journal, link, and KRQE, link, in that they are being reported upon, and not being ignored or labeled gad flies.

Both will be at the school board meeting tonight, I expect. 

Will you?

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